Cher And Madonna's Feud Is Going Strong

Cher Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again/ Madonna VMAs 2018

By both music fans and critics, Madonna is often well-regarded for her musical accomplishments throughout the decades. But there's one person in particular who isn't taken by the singer's persona: Cher. As it turns out, Cher doesn't find herself all-that-impressed by the "Material Girl" singer, and she wasn't afraid to admit as much during a recent appearance on Ellen. When the talk show host and musician played a revealing game of The 5 Second Rule Game, Cher was asked who were three stars with whom she'd like to perform a duet. This is the ruthless answer that Cher gave Ellen.

Adele, Pink and not Madonna!

Let it be known: Cher isn't afraid to burn a bridge or two. As it was reported by Entertainment Tonight, the cutting comment came during Cher's most recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The singer/actress didn't explain on the talk show why she wasn't eager to perform a duet with the notoriously controversial musician, although it's no secret that Cher doesn't have the warmest feelings towards the "Like a Virgin" singer.

Cher's cold comments towards Madonna reportedly go back as far as 1991, when she claimed in an interview that there was something about Madonna that she "didn't like." Specifically, at the time, Cher called Madonna "mean." And that wasn't the end of it. She also called Madonna a "spoiled brat," and Cher considered her and Sean Penn, her husband at the time, to be rude people. She even whipped out the c-word, reportedly. So, yeah. Things between them aren't particularly kind, it's safe to say. Based on this recent Ellen comment, it doesn't sound like Cher has warmed up to Madonna -- even decades later. If you were expecting Madonna and Cher to make a duet debut anytime soon, you might be out of luck, music lovers.

That said, there was a temporary calm in the storm, it would seem, back in 2013. When Cher appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, the star singer claimed she was "totally good" with Madonna, despite their past disagreements. Evidently, those feelings of bliss were short lived. What happened between being totally good in 2013 and now is unknown, but it's apparent that Cher isn't looking to renew her friendship with Madonna. Don't expect Cher and Madonna to record any music together anytime soon, it seems.

Check out the clip with Madonna on Ellen at the link below, courtesy of Entertainment Tonight.

Of course, knowing Cher, we should expect the pop superstar to remain candid during any future interviews and television appearances. Cher is gonna be Cher. There's no denying the talented musician is going to stay true to herself. And if she decided to say any more remarks against Madonna, or if she decided to burn any more bridges in the midst of her recent media tour, we should be sure to keep you posted on the drama at CinemaBlend.

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