Kanye West Has Bailed On Social Media Again

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It was seemingly only a matter of time before Kanye West bailed on social media again. The musician isn't afraid to be confessional about his thoughts and feelings and even his political beliefs and aspirations on the social media forums -- sometimes, like in recent months, much to his own chagrin. But after his recently derided appearance on Saturday Night Live, along with a lot of uproar and controversy from what he has posted on his official social media channels, Kanye West has quit social media again.

The rapper, producer, and fashion designer deleted his social media accounts on Saturday, as it was reported by Fox News. The musician hasn't said publicly why he decided to shut down his accounts, although it's safe to say that these past few months haven't treated him well on both sites. A number of people -- including (or, perhaps, especially) his vocal fans -- have been critical about the means to which he uses social media, and that's not even diving into his politics.

Kanye West has also been using social media to pump up the impending release of his newest studio album, Yandi, which was originally supposed to come out after he performed on Saturday Night Live's season premiere. The newest album from the controversial rap artist has still not been released, and many fans have found themselves wondering when it is supposed to come out. The pressure of releasing it has perhaps weighed on the musician.

Originally, Kanye West took a nine-month absence from social media starting in May 2017, but he returned to his accounts in the early months of 2018. It started innocently enough, with Kanye West returning to Instagram to provide a loving tribute to his wife, Kim Kardashian West, on Valentine's Day and then spending his time on Twitter providing passionate streams of motivational speeches and many tangents meant to celebrate the endurance of the personal spirit.

But once Kanye found himself getting political and having feuds with other celebs, that's when things took a mighty turn. It was only a matter of time before things got heated, and Kanye wasn't afraid to get even more controversial as the year went on. For instance, Kanye West recently earned more backlash after he recently made some highly controversial statements about the 13th Amendment.

It should be noted that Kanye West deleted his social media accounts earlier this year after he began to use his platforms again in February. He returned to being a regular social media user in September, and this is at least the second time the musician called it quits on social media this year.

It's unclear what Kanye West plans to do away from social media, although it was recently announced that he is planning to meet with President Donald Trump to discuss a variety of different topics, including prison reform, gang violence, efforts to reduce violence in Chicago and more. He follows in his wife's footsteps upon meeting with the President of the United States and seeking reform through the President's influence. We'll keep you posted on the latest celebrity updates.

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