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Lorde "Perfect Places" Music Video

There's a new celebrity feud in Tinseltown. This time, it's between Lorde and Kanye West (go figure). The "Royals" singer-songwriter is annoyed with Kanye and Kid Cudi, claiming the Kids See Ghosts musicians stole her idea to perform in a floating glass box. But Lorde is getting pushback from Es Devlin, the set designer who made the stage box for Kanye West and Kid Cudi. On social media, Devlin claims she's had that idea for a very long time.

TMZ has the scoop on the celebrity drama. The trouble began over the weekend when Kanye West and Kid Cudi came onto the stage in a giant floating glass box during their Camp Flog Gnaw performance in Los Angeles on Sunday night. On Monday, Lorde saw this set design and she saw that it was extremely similar to the one that can be seen during her on-stage performances, notably during her recent Melodrama tour in 2017. The young musician believes it's not merely a coincidence. She thinks Kid Cudi and Kanye West ripped off her set design whole cloth. And Lorde is not happy.

On Instagram, responding to what she believed was outright stealing from Kid Cudi and Kanye West, Lorde posted the following response in blue font.

I'm proud of the work I do and it's flattering when other artists feel inspired by it, to the extent that they choose to try it on themselves. But don't steal -- not from women or anyone else -- not in 2018 or ever.

Lorde has made her objections loud-and-clear. But Es Devlin, the stage designer for Kanye West, has worked with the contentious artist since 2005, and it sounds like the stage decision was based on a floating box she created for the English National Opera in 2007-- which was a good ten years ago and a whole decade before Lorde decided to have a floating box stage during her tour. This suggests that Kanye West nor Kid Cudi stole the idea from the top-selling young artist, and it was just a matter of great minds thinking alike. Hopefully, Lorde and Kanye West can put their differences aside.

Meanwhile, Kanye West is continuing to delay the release of his newest solo album, Yandhi. Once set to be released all the way back in September, it is continuously delayed by the controversial musician, who believes the album isn't ready for the public yet. He later announced that it was going to come out on November 23rd, but Kanye West claims his recent concert with Kid Cudi has proved to him that his newest album isn't ready to be released yet.

It felt so good being on the stage last night with my brother Cudi. After performing again, I realize the new album I've been working on isn't ready yet. I'll announce the release date once it's done. Thank you for understanding.

No matter what happens next for Kanye West, we'll continue to keep you posted on all the latest developments and updates here at CinemaBlend.

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