Nick Cannon And Kanye West's Beef Is Really Heating Up

There's a new feud in Hollywood. This time, it's between Nick Cannon and Kanye West. Of course, it all started on social media. The rap artist went onto Instagram this week to talk about a variety of different things, including the recent accusations that Drake slept with Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian West. But it was ultimately West's comments about Nick Cannon that are earning attention today, particularly after Cannon responded to the points made byhis fellow rapper. Kanye wants Cannon to stop talking about his Kim in interviews, and Cannon responded. First, Kanye's Instagram video.

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As Kanye West claims in the Instagram video, there are some pressing things that are weighing on him. Or, as Kanye says, there were some things that were not "sitting right with his spirit," and he wanted to clear the air to all his followers, as per usual. The first person he wanted to address was Nick Cannon. While he understands that Cannon dated Kim Kardashian West before she got married to Kanye West, Kanye believes it's out of line for the former host of America's Got Talent to talk about Kim Kardashian in any way, shape or form in interviewed conversations-- even if the interviewer brings up the subject. He wants Cannon to be respectful and keep his distance right now. Most importantly, Kanye doesn't want "suggestions" from Cannon.

In a fairly humorous fashion, Nick Cannon responded to the claims made by Kanye West with his own video. First congratulating Kanye West on escaping "the sunken place," in reference to Jordan Peele's hit horror film Get Out, Cannon claims he has "nothing but respect and love" for West, and the actor/musician has always felt that way. But it was shortly after he paid his respects to Kanye West that Nick Cannon claimed he never said anything "disrespectful or harmful" regarding Kanye's union to Kim Kardashian. He only wants the best for the famous couple. But Nick Cannon wants to stress to Kanye West that the rap artist cannot say what Nick Cannon will or will not say. If someone asks a question, Nick Cannon is going to answer it. At least, to the best of his own ability. Nick Cannon is not afraid to give his own opinion on whatever the topic might be.

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The disagreement between Kanye West and Nick Cannon began when Cannon claimed the rumors about Drake and Kim Kardashian West hooking up were not "far off as a concept." The conversation point is one that has swirled in the midst of a different feud with Kanye West, this time with Drake. While Kanye West has made some considerable efforts to stop the feuding between Drake and himself, it sounds like he's not afraid to start a different one, potentially, with Nick Cannon. We'll have to keep you posted on the latest developments between these two disgruntled celebrities right here.

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