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Diddy Posts Touching Tribute After Kim Porter's Death

Diddy has opened up about the death of his ex-partner and co-parent, Kim Porter. On social media, the musician posted a tribute to the late actress and model, claiming that his life has been a "nightmare" since she shockingly passed away. In his emotional tribute, Diddy tries to "find the words to explain our unexplainable relationship," but he's grieving. There's no denying he's going through a difficult time at the moment. Here's what he wrote:

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The mournful tweet, accompanied with a video, finds Diddy expressing sorrow and anguish during the surprise death of his former partner. As it was reported by Today, Diddy and Kim Porter first started dating around the mid-'90s, and they shared a relationship that was on-and-off for several years until they broke off their relationship for good in 2007.

Despite not being romantically connected for more than 10 years, Diddy claims Porter was his partner in many ways. In a separate tweet, Diddy enthusiastically proclaimed his love and appreciation for Porter by exclaiming the following:

We were more than friends, we were more than soulmates. WE WERE SOME OTHER SHIT!! And I miss you so much. Super Black Love

Diddy and Kim Porter were dating for 13 years, and even when they were no longer together romantically, they remained close friends and confidants. They share three children together: Christan (20) and twins D'Lila Star and Jessie James (11). Additionally, Quincy, Porter's older son from a previous relationship, was also raised by Diddy as though he were his own. Diddy also has two children, Justin (25) and Chance (12), from other relationships.

It is always difficult to lose someone you love, particularly someone who guided you through life and helped bring your children into this world. While Kim Porter and Diddy weren't together romantically during the final years of her life, they remained intimate and communicated with each other often. Given the unpredictable nature of her death, we cannot imagine the heartbreak and devastation Diddy and everyone in his family must feel at this time.

The cause of death for Kim Porter is currently left unclear, according to The Blast. She died on November 15th, and it has reportedly left investigators confused and without explanation at this time. The manner of the death is currently "pending investigation," likely before she's scheduled to be buried.

These tweets were the first time Diddy spoke publicly about Kim Porter's death, and it's unclear if he's planning to release any more statements. For now, however, the family is left to grieve. And we once again express our sorrow and sympathies for Diddy, his family and his loved ones at this moment. We can only hope they find peace during this tragedy and they're able to comfort and confide in each other as they grieve in this dark time.

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