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We haven't seen many photos or videos of baby Stormi. The child of Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner has intentionally been hidden from the media spotlight, with the pregnancy kept a secret until the day the child was born on Super Bowl weekend. But we are slowly-but-surely getting to see the baby more, including in a pair of social media videos courtesy of Scott which show the little bundle of joy bouncing up-and-down to her dad's music.

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The extremely cute Instragam videos came courtesy of Travis Scott's own page. While Kylie Jenner and Scott have started to become a little more open about showing their baby to the public and the media, these videos are among the rare instances we've seen of baby Stormi just being herself. The footage appears to be backstage at one of Scott's recent concerts promoting his latest album, Astroworld, and Stormi can be seen smiling, bopping her little head and grooving to her dad's music as he performs to a live, sold-out concert. It sounds like Stormi is already a fan of Scott's jams.

While fans might be used to be random paparazzi photos of baby Stormi, these intimate phone-captured social media videos of Travis Scott's child shows us an adorable little look at a joyous moment in the baby's young life. Seemingly unaware that she is being filmed, she's dancing and enjoying her dad perform his music to a live, attentive crowd.

Should we get more updates from baby Stormi's perspective in the future, CinemaBlend will keep you posted.

There are rarely any days when we don't get an update from someone in the Kardashian and Jenner clan. But considering how little attention we've seen to Baby Stormi, beyond some unusual nail tributes and the very, very expensive purses she's expected to receive once she gets older, we have not gotten too many newsbites from the famous baby. But this video may hint at the public seeing more from Kylie Jenner's first child.

Meanwhile, Travis Scott announced yesterday that the Astroworld festival, which was recently held in Houston on November 17th, is expected to return sometime next year-- sparking a potential all-day annual concertgoing experience. 40,000 fans were in attendance to see Scott, Post Malone, Young Thug, and Little Wayne perform. Houston is Travis Scott's hometown, and he wanted to host this festival in order to bring more "recognition" to the city.

When we get more updates from baby Stormi -- as well as her parents, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott -- CinemaBlend definitely keep you posted on the latest info and updates. It's very clear the media outreach these two celebrities have, and it's apparent that they are feeling more comfortable about showing their young child in nice, relaxed moments such as the ones seen in the videos above. There is no shortage of updates to come from them.

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