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Kanye West Apologizes After Being Caught On Phone During Cher Broadway Show

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It should not surprise you to hear that Kanye West was being a little rude. The controversial artist has earned a great deal of criticism of late foractions and comments that some deemed as offensive. That tradition continued last night, as the musician received a wealth of flack for his theater etiquette. Last night, he and wife Kim Kardashian the opening night of new Broadway show, The Cher Show, where the musician was caught on his phone. The cast didn't appreciate it -- as you'd imagine. West later apologized once the situation became public thanks to one of the show's actors.

Kanye West's bad behavior was dished out onto social media when actor Jarrod Spector, who plays the late Sonny Bono in The Cher Show, issued the following cold-cutting response on Twitter to Kanye's continuous phone usage. Spector seemingly had a right express concern, especially considering how Kanye's bad etiquette was during the highly-anticipated opening night show

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Later, when Kanye West earned his share of criticism on social media, which isn't particularly uncommon for the tumultuous artist these days, he went onto his sometimes controversial Twitter page and issued the following apology to the actors and audience members at The Cher Show.

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Kanye West claims he has a great affection for the lives of Cher and Sonny Bono, and the musical artist claimed the Broadway production was a "masterpiece," which is certainly a nice thing to say. You can technically put that on the poster! Hopefully, that brings more notice to the new musical --especially as it is expanding onto Broadway and making its big leagues debut in the troubled waters of high stakes theater. Press is press, certainly.

While it was rude for Kanye West to not be courteous of the actors and his fellow theater patrons during this production of The Cher Show, he might've indirectly helped bring more attention to the new play. If we're looking on the bright side of things, of course.

There was no doubt an announcement before the show about phone usage, which makes Kanye West's actions especially inconsiderate. But since he was called out for his theater etiquette, the notorious music artist did, ultimately, bring nationwide attention to the Broadway production -- which hopefully should attract people to learn about The Cher Show, and drive ticket sales. That, and the fact that Cher herself attended opening night, and even joined the cast onstage for a song.

It should be noted that The Cher Show was originally a hit production in Chicago, where it made its worldwide premiere, and now it is hoping to appeal to the folks on Broadway during its big premiere. Evidently, Kanye West being on his cell close to the front for the whole show doesn't exactly help the actors during arguably the most important night of their Broadway debut. And since he's a big celebrity, it's not hard to call Kanye out on social media.

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