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Candace Cameron-Bure Hospitalized After Brother Kirk Ran Her Over With A Go-Kart

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Candace Cameron-Bure went to the hospital recently, and it was under unusual circumstances. As the Fuller House actress admitted on social media, Cameron-Bure is currently in the emergency room because her brother, actor Kirk Cameron, accidentally ran her over with a go-kart during a family outing. Because what's a family get-together without a quick trip to the hospital, right? That's how Bure looks at the situation, as the TV actress documented her hospital stay on Instagram.

Our fun family day ended with me in the emergency room. I got into a go-karting accident, my brother ran me over. I'm waiting to see if I broke my hand or fractured it or what.

As Candace Cameron-Bure admits in the Instagram video, what was meant to be a simple fun day with the family turned into a trip to the emergency room when the television actress somehow got run over by a go-kart driven by Kirk Cameron. In the video, Cameron-Bure appears to be in remarkably very good spirits when you consider the fact that she is in the ER, and she is seen giggling and cracking up about the whole situation mainly due to the sheer ridiculousness of it all.

In the social media video, Candace Cameron-Bure claims she's waiting to find out if she broke or fractured her hand, and it wasn't clear if what the situation was. Thankfully, in an Instagram Story posted later on that day (according to Entertainment Weekly), Cameron-Bure didn't have any fractures or breaks. Instead, the X-Rays determined that she was just "really bruised." Hopefully, then, this injury will not be disrupting her work -- including any forthcoming seasons of Fuller House.

Additionally, Kirk Cameron takes responsibility for the accident. He apologized to Candace Cameron-Bure for the whole fiasco. Here's what he said to his sister:

Hi everybody, I'm the culprit. I'm the crazy driver... it was my fault completely, I tried to cut her off and take the lead, bad.

Thankfully, this accident won't cause any family divides. Everyone involved seems to recognize that it was a mistake, and it shouldn't case any tension (hopefully) during the ongoing Christmas season. Sometimes, accidents happen. Even ones that seem a little silly, like this one. Hopefully, Candace Cameron-Bure will be returning to her normal schedule as soon as possible, and this incident will simply be a silly story to share around the campfire around Christmas and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, we're only days away from the new (maybe last) season of Fuller House. Netflix plans to drop the entire fourth season on December 14th, which means you have the chance to watch it with your own family during the holiday season. That should also be the case for the Cameron family -- even despite this go-kart mishap.

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