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Jennifer Lopez Shades of Blue

Jennifer Lopez loves her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. She loves him very, very much. And she's not afraid to admit that, particularly on the press circuits for her new movie, Second Act. During a recent interview, the musician/actress opened up about the love she shares with Rodriguez, and she found herself filled with emotions discussing the relationship she shares with the former professional athlete. Here's how J.Lo described her fulfilling love affair with A-Rod.

He's come into my life and really contributed in such a way. He's so supportive, he's so loving. He's one of these people, he's like, 'Shine, be the best.' Some people try to dull you down, try to squish you down and he's so not like that. And it's just so refreshing. It's just such a beautiful thing.

Jennifer Lopez's heartfelt comments came during the star's televised conversation on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. In the interview, she caught up with the late night talk show host about a variety of things going on in her personal life, and she obviously talked about her relationship with Alex Rodriguez.

From there, J.Lo spoke from the heart, talking warmly and openly about the love she shares with her partner at the moment. She also revealed how the relationship benefit and uplift her. It's clear they have a loving connection together, and Lopez is happy to talk about it.

You can check out Jennifer Lopez talking lovingly about Alex Rodriguez on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in the clip found below.

Jennifer Lopez also talked about making her directorial debut with her latest music video, "Limitless." The song was written by Sia, and it will be heard in Second Act, which hit theaters next week. The music video isn't available yet; the music artist is playing to release the video shortly before the film's release date, or perhaps on the same day.

It doesn't sound like Jennifer Lopez is certain at the moment, but she's thrilled for the world to see it. Among other reasons, she's excited because her daughter, Emmie, will be featured prominently in the video. And J.Lo loved directing her daughter.

Jennifer Lopez hasn't been shy about discussing her warm-hearted feelings towards Alex Rodriguez. While the couple is not engaged and they're not exactly looking to tie the knot yet, they've been intimate for a while now and appear to be very comfortable, happy and loving. Based on Lopez's very busy schedule, where she is constantly doing concerts, making movies, working on TV shows, she is constantly on her toes. But she also thankfully has the rock-solid support of her man to keep her moving.

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