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Pete Davidson Saturday Night Live

Pete Davidson gave his fans and followers quite a scare last week. The Saturday Night Live comedian issued a cryptic social media address, which made a good many people worried about his mental state. But since that scary message, people close to the troubled celebrity claim he's doing better now.

According to TMZ, Pete Davidson is taking a turn for the better, thanks to the outpouring of support he has received on social media and in his personal life. He is currently focusing inward, keeping himself in check and retraining his focus on his mental health concerns. He is currently taking a break from his job at Saturday Night Live, but he is planning to return to the comedic variety series in mid-January, which is when it is set to return on NBC again.

This is certainly going to come as a relief to his fans and the people who know him. The calls of support have definitely lifted his spirits, and he is keeping his mental health in consideration as he spends the remaining days of 2018 and the forthcoming days of 2019 keeping his needs centralized.

That note of encouragement is certainly better than the bleak message he left only a week earlier, where he suggested that he wanted to die and believed his friends, family, colleagues and everyone else didn't care about him or care about what he was going through during that very dark period. By hearing words of positivity and love, it appears that Pete Davidson is turning for the better and recognizing that there are people who love and care.

Pete Davidson hasn't been shy about talking about his mental health over the past couple of years, particularly on "Weekend Update" segments. He is always an upfront, honest individual about his fragile state of mind. When Davidson suggested he didn't want to be alive anymore, people knew it came from his history of mental health and they expressed great concern and worry about what was swimming inside his headspace during this rough patch.

Most recently, Pete Davidson talked about his mental health on social media in relation to his recently broken relationship with Ariana Grande, which became a big part of the pop culture news cycle. He admits that he struggles with the rumors and suggestions that were made about his character thanks to Ariana Grande's song "thank u, next," which some people thought was criticizing Davidson's behavior. After all, the track mentions him by name.

It's not clear what happened between the couple and it is ultimately a personal matter between them. And while Pete Davidson doesn't seem to be in great shape, it's encouraging to know that he is doing better and that he is hoping to look inward and making sure he is keeping himself okay.

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