Mayim Bialik Updates Fans Following A Traumatic Break-Up

Mayim Bialik The Big Bang Theory

It's never fun to be in a break-up. But it's especially not fun to deal with a break-up during the Christmas season. A time for giving and cheer, where you gather alongside your loved ones and extend presents and merry feelings, there is perhaps no worse time to be single than during Christmas. But that's the situation that Mayim Bialik dealt with this Christmas when she found her long-term relationship had disintegrated. But she's doing better, it seems, and she provided her fans with a warm holiday update, where The Big Bang Theory actress admits that she spent this Christmas in fun fashion.

Better this morning. Couch more comfortable with blanket as substitute sheet. New earrings by my friend's daughter Iris cheered me up. Cat on meds for kidney infection and hopefully he will be better soon. Heading to a movie and Chinese food. Like we do. #whatjewsdoonxmas ...Merry Christmas, everyone!

As Mayim Bialik admits on her Instagram, she is not the least bit unhappy during Christmas. Providing a smiling photo with her seasonal greetings, she told her followers that she spent the day at the movies and enjoying Chinese food. Bialik got some brand new earrings too, which helped lift her spirits.

This social media address is an update to Mayim Bialik's somber blog post from a little over a week ago. As she wrote at the time, Bialik found herself recently single after a long-term five-year relationship. While she admits that the relationship wasn't one that found itself in the tabloid pages or at the center of gossip and hearsay, it was no doubt a special and meaningful one for the television actress, and she had to deal with its fallout at a bad time.

Of course, there are rarely good times for break-ups. But the timing for this break-up was particularly bad. In fact, Mayim Bialik wrote that "the worst time is now" when it came to be broken up with. She had to deal with the confused, heartbroken feelings while being surrounded by good tidings and cheer. It's a raw deal, and she certainly wasn't happy. So it's encouraging to hear that she is doing better now and that she enjoyed the joyous holiday.

When it comes to her holiday blues, however, it also doesn't help that Mayim Bialik's long-standing job on The Big Bang Theory is soon set to come to an end. The TV actress admits she isn't happy to say goodbye to the hit show. But just like her recent break-up, Bialik will have to deal with it anyhow.

These are difficult circumstances, so it's good to know that Mayim Bialik is able to look on the bright side of such dour situations. Meanwhile, for the latest news in film, television, pop culture, video games and a lot more, you can be sure to check back with CinemaBlend to hear the freshest scoop.

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