Dakota Johnson Says Her Period Is 'Ruining Her Life'

Dakota Johnson period complaints

Dakota Johnson is over it. The it in question is the fact that her body basically rebels against her once a month when she’s on her period. In fact, the actress says her monthly cycle is “ruining” her life. She said in a recent profile interview:

If I’m honest, my hormonal changes during my menstrual cycle are ruining my life. Every month. It’s unbelievable. It’s really fucking amazing. I can’t get a grip on it. I’m like, what? Every time, I’m totally scandalized about what happens to my body and my brain. My boobs are like eight times the size they normally are. It’s really a traumatic thing, and it happens every month. I just can’t get used to it.

In a Season 2 episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel our titular heroine is berated by a club owner for deigning to talk about her friends’ recent pregnancy during a set, a bit that the females in the audience seem to find funny and the men seem disgruntled about. Mentioning a pregnancy may no longer be taboo, but the details of women’s bodies of hormonal changes and more still are subjects that aren’t really discussed in emotional and blunt terms all that often.

In fact, they are more often mentioned in comedic terms or to refute pregnancy rumors.

Which makes Dakota Johnson’s comments to In Style far more open about this facet of women’s health than normal, as well as a change of pace. Many women can identify with unpredictable periods and hormonal changes. This isn’t new. It’s just not talked about in public all that often.

In addition, a huge chunk of women should also be able to identify with the weird side effects that come with different birth controls, along with the fact that if you’re on the pill it can change to another generic on a whim and so on and so forth. Dakota Johnson also touched on that topic, noting that’s why she joined up with Global Citizen: Reproductive to educate people on what they put in their bodies.

It’s really, really insane. It’s also very tricky to figure out what type of birth control you’re meant to be on, and if it’s even healthy.

Being informed about your birth control and your reproductive health is super important to Dakota Johnson and it looks like the issue is close to her heart thanks to her personal experience.

So, if you are someone who has a really hard go of it once every month, it looks like Dakota Johnson can relate. On the bright side, even if her period is “ruining her life,” at least her career is constantly on the up and up. She currently has two movies, Wounds and The Peanut Butter Falcon, set for 2019 and is filming The Friend. Her post Fifty Shades Freed career seems to be going just fine.

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