Not So Easy: Watch Amy Schumer Attempt To Put On Her Socks While Pregnant

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Amy Schumer is currently pregnant with her first child, and it hasn't necessarily been easy. As the comedienne has discussed on talk shows, in interviews, on social media and in her recent Netflix stand-up special, Amy Schumer: Growing, these ongoing nine months have held their fair share of difficulties. And it has prevented her from performing in a few destinations in her stand-up tour. It has also given her trouble during some of her usual day-to-day activities. Like, for instance, putting on her socks. As she revealed in a new Instagram video, it's tricker for Schumer to do some of her morning activities while she's pregnant, and that includes putting socks on her feet. Check out the social media video below.

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The humorous Instagram video finds Amy Schumer doing a tutorial video with her sister, Kim Caramele, to show her followers how they can put on their socks while they're pregnant. While the comedienne doesn't have any difficulty putting on her left sock, it's the right one that proves to be a little tougher. It takes some effort and a few maneuvers and twists. But eventually, the sock is located on the foot. And Amy Schumer is good and ready to go about her day. There you have it. Easy peasy.

There's no denying that pregnancy can be tough. I can't speak from experience, I must say, but one would have to be naive to think that it comes easy. It takes a lot of patience and hardwork, and even menial tasks can prove to be cumbersome. For Amy Schumer (and many other pregnant people), that includes putting on socks.

Using a bit of her self-deprecating humor, Amy Schumer tried to provide a few tips for how pregnant ladies can put on their socks. Though it took a little longer (with a few special leg and toe maneuvers) than it might take others to do it, Schumer got her socks on. And the actress wants to provide others with that same confidence.

Additionally, Amy Schumer recently revealed some personal information about her husband, chef Chris Fischer. In her newest stand-up special, the comedienne talked about her hubby's discovery that he's on the autism spectrum, and how that has provided some clarity and relief in their marriage. Schumer claims that the signs were always there, but once the diagnosis became official, it made everything clearer. She also wants to encourage people to check to see if they might be on the spectrum. Schumer believe it's important to learn this information if it is possibly pertinent to them. She also wants to get rid of the stigma that might be around it.

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