Amy Schumer Shares Emotional Video During Sonogram

Recently Amy Schumer shared some very big news with the public: she's pregnant! And now she's proven it too, via sonogram. The comedian/actress behind Inside Amy Schumer provided a video of herself watching the ultrasound for her first child, marveling at the growing baby and getting very emotional. For some fans and followers of the comedian, this might be the first time they learned that Schumer is currently with child. Check out the sonogram below.

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Though the Instagram video is brief, it provides an intimate look at Amy Schumer being dazzled and delighted by the ultrasound footage of her child. In particular, Schumer is surprised by how much "energy" the unborn child has, and how the baby is "moving around" so much inside her belly right now.

Moreover, in the caption section for the video, Amy Schumer doesn't provide any additional details about her first baby. Instead, the social media clip, which was posted last night, tells people how they can find their local polling places and how they can prepare for their ballots during today's election. We don't have any information about the moment as to when the child is set to be due, and we don't know how long Amy Schumer has been preggers.

The baby news comes just months after Amy Schumer married her husband, chef Chris Fischer, during a surprise private ceremony away from the public eye. Their relationship was only announced to the public a few short days before they read their vows to each other, which suggests that Amy Schumer prefers to keep her private life, well, private. Despite the open, deeply confessional nature of her stand-up comedy and public persona, she values her secrets.

When the sudden wedding news was first announced, Amy Schumer stressed that she wasn't pregnant. She wanted her fans to know that she didn't embark on a quick trip down the alter because she was carrying a child at that time. She claimed she got married because she finally found the right person, and while she has expressed doubts in the past about having children, it seems she has changed her tune on the matter. She's ready to enter motherhood and become a parent for the first time. Surely, this new addition to her life is going to bring some very interesting new stand-up material.

Amy Schumer's last film was I Feel Pretty, which was released in the spring. She was previously attached to a film version of Barbie, but she dropped out of the project. She is currently on a nationwide stand-up tour, which is expected to continue through the holiday season. After that, however, there are no additional projects for Schumer currently in the works, and she's still taking time away from her hit Comedy Central series, Inside Amy Schumer. So it sounds like her pregnancy is her main focus for the present moment, which is completely understandable. Congratulations are also in order here!

We look forward to hearing more about Amy Schumer's first child in the months to come. Meanwhile, for more celebrity updates about Amy Schumer and other high-profile people, be sure to visit CinemaBlend to know all the latest scoops.

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