John Cena Is Looking Extra Ripped For His 42nd Birthday

For some folks, today is simply April 23rd. But for John Cena, it's a very special day. It marks the professional wrestler's 42nd birthday, and the beefed-up celebrity celebrated this holiday in a big way: by dressing down to his gym shorts and posting a picture of his half-naked self on Twitter. In his social media self-tribute, the actor wanted to let everyone know that, even though he's getting older, he's keeping in damn good physical shape. And he believes you can too, if you apply yourself to the same high-performance mentality. Take a look at the photo below.

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As John Cena notes in his birthday-themed tweet, one's 42nd birthday might not be a particularly notable one. But for the actor/professional wrestler, it holds great value and high personal esteem. The media figure wants people to know that they are "the sum of their actions," and in the muscle-bound photo, the beefy actor wanted to spread the message that age shouldn't keep people from staying in strong physical shape and propelling themselves forward as best as possible. While some folks tend to slow down as they age, John Cena appears to be getting even more ramped up. And that's unlikely to change anytime soon for John Cena.

Of course, John Cena is often known for his impressive figure. His image has been built on his massive size and hefty muscles, and even though he is getting older, he has a brand to sustain and an image to protect. But it doesn't sound like John Cena is complaining. The professional wrestler is happy about keeping in peak physical condition, and he wants to inspire other people — famous and otherwise — to get in the gym and pump some steel. He might have an advantage, but John Cena believes other people can also be motivated to prove themselves beyond their age.

Whether or not anyone gets quite as big as John Cena will need to be determined. Of course, John Cena has been working out intensely for at least half his lifetime. So the professional is probably used to making regular rotations at the gym and bench-pressing weights. Nevertheless, there's no denying that it is impressive that John Cena is able to stay in such good shape — particularly as he hits middle-age.

Whether inside the wrestling ring or in comedies like Blockers and Trainwreck, John Cena is known for using his muscle-bound physicality in both dramatic and lighthearted ways. Based on this social media post, it doesn't sound like that trend is going to come to an end anytime soon — at least, not if John Cena can help it.

It's unclear how long John Cena plans to continue wrestling. Or how long the muscular celebrity will keep his honed pysche. But this photo suggests that he's more than proud of his current physicality. And if John Cena can keep it, then surely other people can feel inspired to lift heavy dumbbells and shed a few pounds.

One thing is for certain, though: nobody should have any trouble seeing John Cena's well-toned muscles on his big b-day. Not if John Cena can help it, at least.

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