Nicole Kidman Has Chopped Off All Her Hair, Check It Out

Nicole Kidman decided to say "goodbye" to her long locks. As the film/television actress revealed in a recent photoshoot, she is walking around with shorter hair than we're used to seeing from her. And while the reasoning for the sudden change in her appearance is currently unknown for certain, the celebrated celebrity wasn't afraid to show off her daring new look. You can check out the haircut photo below.

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Nicole Kidman unveiled her new haircut while she was profiled by Vanity Fair. In the photoshoot snapshot, Nicole Kidman is wearing her hair shorter than usual, in a look that's both sharp and sleek — if distinctive different than what we've seen from Nicole Kidman in recent years. The actress has been wearing her hair long for the past decade or so. The short haircut that's seen above isn't what we've seen from the celebrity in quite some time. But it's nevertheless still a welcome departure.

As for the reason why Nicole Kidman decided to go with a shorter 'do, it's hard to say for certain. It's possible that the actress was simply tired of the longer locks and wanted to bring out the scissors. The weather is getting warmer; why not let her hair be cut?

But there's also a high chance that Kidman also needed the shorter haircut for an upcoming role. The actress has trim her hair for other parts in the past, notably 2004's Birth. It wouldn't be out of the question for Nicole Kidman to cut her hair for one of her new projects. That includes, for instance, Jay Roach's currently untitled Roger Ailes biopic, which is expected to be released around awards season. But considering how Nicole Kidman plays TV journalist Gretchen Carlson in the film — who has long-ish hair, particularly during the events portrayed in the film — the verdict seems to be out on that one. She also filmed another season of HBO's Big Little Lies, but that wrapped production a little while ago.

Therefore, through deductive reasoning, it's unlikely that Nicole Kidman cut her hair for one of these aforementioned roles. The more likely explanation is that Kidman cut her hair for her part in The Undoing, the forthcoming HBO limited series which started filming back in March. It's unclear if she is still filming this television series or if her work on the show is complete. But given that it's her most recent performance — as far as we know, at least — that's my best guesstimate for Nicole Kidman's new haircut. Though, like I said, it's possible she just wanted shorter hair.

Whatever the reason might be, it's clear that Nicole Kidman is rocking the pixie cut. Although it's unknown if this is meant to be a permanent new look or just something a little bit different for the time being, Kidman wasn't afraid to flaunt it.

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