Jim Carrey Appreciates Ariana Grande Quoting His Words On Depression

In recent years, celebrities have been more outspoken about their own personal battles with depression and/or mental illness. It's a tough subject matter to discuss in an open fashion, but with each passing day, more people feel more comfortable conversing about these topics in thoughtful, considerate ways. Whether it's Serena Williams, Bruce Springsteen, Sarah Michelle Gellar or Taraji P. Henson, to only name a handful, famous folks have used their popularity and influence to shine a light on the dark side of the human condition and to raise awareness of people's struggles with mental health concerns.

Jim Carrey is just one example of a popular public personality who has been open about his own hardships with sadness and grief, and he has received support from Ariana Grande, for which he is grateful. Check out the kind-hearted response from Jim Carrey to Ariana Grande below.

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As he noted in his appreciative tweet, Jim Carrey thought Ariana Grande gave a "lovely" mention to what he has said about himself and depression. In her Instagram Stories, she quoted the words of Jeff Foster, which she credited to the actor. While he warmly accepted the appreciation given to him by the pop superstar, Carrey wanted to make sure Foster was given credit for what he said.

As Jim Carrey later notes in his kind-hearted social media address, Jeff Foster was "a brilliant teacher and friend" to the comedic actor. But Carrey admires Ariana Grande for her "openness" and her willingness to speak so candidly about the struggles that have weighted her soul throughout the years. With that, Jim Carrey wished Grande to receive "freedom and peace" in her own life journey. And Carrey said he felt "blessed" to have "such a gifted admirer" of his words and message.

Hollywood is known for its competitive attitude. Oftentimes, in order to get ahead in your career, famous actors and musicians need to get in front of other people or take some folks down — intentional or otherwise — to make a name for herself. It's not often that you see kindness and loving words extended from one celebrity onto another. Yet, in an odd-yet-sweet social media moment, that's what happened in this unsuspectingly kind correspondence between Ariana Grande and Jim Carrey.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time Ariana Grande has found herself interacting and corresponding with an unlikely celebrity acquaintance. For instance, earlier this year, Grande put aside her differences and came into a friendship-of-sorts with Piers Morgan. They shared some barbed words at each other throughout the past few months, but they unsuspectingly met for dinner one fateful night and these two celebs found themselves connecting and coming to terms with their differences.

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