Glenn Howerton Says Patton Oswalt Is In 'A Very Good Place' After Being Remarried

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In 2016, Patton Oswalt was met with the sudden and heartbreaking loss of his wife, author Michelle McNamara, who passed away unexpectedly in her sleep one night. The beloved mother of his 10-year-old daughter Alice Oswalt, and the light in the comic's often-bleak and pessimistic worldview, the death was understandably a heavy and intense one for the grieving husband.

The comedian was in a very dark place, and his pain was deeply felt. But thanks to his marriage to actress Meredith Salenger in 2017, along the support he received along the way, Oswalt is in "a very good place," according to his A.P. Bio co-star, Glenn Howerton. As the TV actor said:

He’s in a very good place. He’s remarried, and his wife Meredith is such a terrific human being. I don’t think it was his intention to find somebody a year after something so tragic happened. He put in the work. He worked on himself, and he worked through it. In other words, he didn’t just try to cover it up and act like nothing happened. He’s also just an incredibly strong person, so it doesn’t surprise me that he’s found the positive side in this.

As Glenn Howerton explained in an interview with People Now, Patton Oswalt is an "incredibly strong person" who worked through the loss of his wife as best as he possibly could, especially given the tragic circumstances. There's no doubt that the pain the actor/comedian felt during this heartbreaking time is unimaginable, and Howerton championed his co-star as "a terrific human being" who did some work during this intensive grieving process.

While Glenn Howerton doesn't believe that Patton Oswalt intended to remarry as quickly as he did following his late wife's death, Howerton credits that to Oswalt's ability to move forward in a persistent, self-reflective way. Especially despite spite of the enormous, earth-shattering difficulties that were presented before the comic. Few people could push forward as well as Oswalt did.

Both Patton Oswalt and Glenn Howerton can be seen on NBC's sitcom A.P. Bio, currently on its second season. The Season 2 finale is set to premiere on Thursday, and then its future remains uncertain. But while the show may or may not live to see another day after this upcoming episode, it sounds like Oswalt is in a good place in his life, according to Howerton.

While the widowed husband has faced gigantic adversities in the three years since his wife's untimely passing, Patton Oswalt has making strides in his personal and professional life to deal with the tragedy of this loss. His 2017 stand-up special, Annihilation, addressed the weight of this loss directly, while Oswalt helped to finish and posthumously release his late wife's memoir, I'll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer, in 2018. It instantly became a best-seller and received many high accolades.

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