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Is Carrie Underwood Done Having Children? The Singer Speaks Out

Carrie Underwood - "Cry Pretty" Music Video

Carrie Underwood is the mother of two young children, Isaiah Fisher (4) and three-month-old Jacob Fisher. As any parent will tell you, it is an enormous responsibility to welcome a child into your life. And while Underwood very recently gave birth to her youngest son, some folks wondered if she might plan to have a third child later down the road. To this, Carrie Underwood admits that she's unsure. While she isn't against the idea of having another baby, she's not certain if that is something in the cards either. Not yet, at the very least. Here is the quote from Carrie Underwood.

I do not know at this point. You know, it's such a difficult road to get where we are now. And I'll have to evaluate after this tour is over. Then we can talk about what's next. But I've been a lot of kind of 'live in the moment' lately. And I think that's good. I am kind of a planner and I really do like knowing what's around every corner.

This topic came up when Carrie Underwood appeared on Today. The singer was asked about her growing family, and if she had any ambitions of extending it beyond baby number two. Obviously, as a musician, Underwood continues to expand herself in a multitude of different way. But when it came to the possibility of introducing another child into her life, she was left at a bit of a pause.

Parenthood requires a great deal of care, and it's never an easy commitment to make. Nevertheless, Carrie Underwood admits that, while she like to keep herself orderly in terms of balancing her work and personal life, "you can't plan for everything." So, Underwood is not throwing the possibility of expanding her family out the window.

You can check out the video below to hear Carrie Underwood's comments on her family, her future and the still-lingering possibility of having another child someday.

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Now that Carrie Underwood's family is a family of four, she definitely has a lot on her hands. That's perhaps putting it mildly. She is currently gearing up for her latest tour, and that will certainly leave her preoccupied. But when it comes time to wrap up the tour, she admits that she isn't against the notion of having another child, though it doesn't sound like it's a done deal either. It seems like time will soon tell whether or not Underwood introduces another child into her constantly busy life.

It should also be noted that Carrie Underwood has talked openly in the past about her three miscarriages, and she has talked about how those difficulties led to a time of great hardship before Jacob was born. That's presumably something that weighs on Underwood's mind as well when possibly making this decision later on down the road. But it sounds like this discussion is one meant for another day.

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