It turns out that 2015 is the year that the Marvel Comics will change forever…no, really! Back in October, Marvel announced the upcoming event Secret Wars (named after the original 1984 series), which has different versions of Marvel characters from parallel universes and timelines fighting on a strange planet called Battleworld. Although it was described as “overwhelmingly huge,” not many other details were provided about what we can expect from this happening - until now. It’s been revealed that the events of Secret Wars will result in the destruction of the current Marvel universe and combine elements of both the main continuity and the Ultimate continuity (a separate imprint of Marvel that’s existed since 2000) into a new Marvel universe.

This status quo change, which is reminiscent of what their competitor DC Comics like to do several times a decade, is Marvel’s biggest venture yet at overhauling their universes and creating a new world for its characters. There’s still a lot we don’t know about what will go down during Secret Wars or what specifically will lead to the creation of this new universe, but going off this game-changing announcement, here are the five biggest ramifications we’ll see from the fallout.

5. The Current Universe Will Cease To Exist
5. The Current Universe Will Cease To Exist
Since the first appearance of the Fantastic Four in 1961, Marvel’s main universe - nicknamed the “616 universe” - has grown with each character introduced and each adventure written. We’ve watched superheroes triumph, we’ve seen bad guys succeed and we’ve seen a lot of fights with aliens, time travelers, mythical beings and all sorts of weird individuals, with New York City commonly finding itself as the central battleground. However, the consequences of Secret Wars will result in this universe’s destruction. Your favorite characters may survive and they may continue to go about their lives as they normally would have, but surely there will be a great deal of drama and tension wringed out of the fact that we have absolutely no idea about anyone’s fate. Looking at it from a broader scope, however, the current world they live in has an expiration date. Current Marvel Universe: Soon to be dead at 54.

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