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Wait, Amazing Spider-Man 3 Might Bring Gwen Stacy Back?

Either Sony has no idea what the hell to do with Spider-Man or the studio has the greatest spin department in all of Hollywood. Practically since the moment Amazing Spider-Man 2 did… fine enough, there have been rumors raging about all kinds of different directions the franchise might go in. Now, we may have just heard the weirdest whisper yet.

If you haven’t seen Amazing Spider-Man 2 and care about spoilers, you should bail immediately.

According to Christian Today, a rumor is circulating that the franchise may look to bring Gwen Stacy back. She’s been, almost without question, the most well-received portion of the superhero reboot, and even though she died, there’s a Spider-man plotline that could bring her back. Hmmm… why does that sound familiar? Oh yeah, because she actually brought that up in an interview with CINEMABLEND after the movie was first released.

In the above interview, she references clones. In particular, she references a clone storyline involving her former college professor who brings her back to the life, then renames himself The Jackal. It’s not exactly the most loved storyline in the history of Spider-Man, but obviously, the franchise is grasping at straws. Over the past few months, we’ve heard everything from Sony is selling Spider-Man to Marvel to all of the villains are getting their own movie to women in the universe will team up. So, given all that, is it really so ridiculous to think they would want to bring Gwen Stacy back? People really love Emma Stone. A lot.

If there’s one thing people should be learning from Marvel and DC, it’s that a long-term plan is always better. Sony was probably trying to do that with the whole Sinister 6 angle, but in order to establish a larger universe, the introductory movies into that world have to be good. They have to, you know, establish a world people actually want to visit. Iron Man was able to do that. To a lesser extent, so was Man Of Steel.

To this point, Sony hasn’t really said much publicly. When they do, we’ll be sure to let you know what the final plan is. Until then, feel free to speculate away.

Mack Rawden

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