This article contains major Harry Potter spoilers!

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling recently went on record to express her sorrow to fans over the death of Fred Weasley. Her remarks are likely prompting many fans to think about all of the other great characters who died throughout the series. Sirius Black. Dobby. Dumbledore. Lupin and Tonks. The list goes on... But let's be honest, there were a few notable characters we weren't so sorry to see go. In fact, we came up with a list of six, ranked by how little sympathy they deserve for their actions...

Professor Quirrell
Book: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Cause of Death: Exposure to Harry Potter. (Also involuntary exorcism?)

Quirrell seemed like a nice enough guy... until it turned out he was carrying Lord Voldemort around in his turban and letting him possess him. As a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, Quirrell was pretty weak. He was even weaker as a villain, and a failure at that, as he allowed himself to be thwarted by an 11-year-old. Still, we're not sorry he's gone. I mean, who kills a unicorn? Honestly.

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