Halloween offered six excellent treats for Harry Potter fans in the form of new writings included in the newly added Order of the Phoenix segment to JK Rowling's official Harry Potter website, Pottermore.com. For Harry Potter enthusiasts looking for whatever morsels of information about this magical world, these six entries offer some great little updates.

Before we get to the spoilers, if you'd rather get the information straight from the source, head on over to Pottermore.com. (More information on how to find J.K. Rowling's new writings here). These are the items that jumped out at me as being particularly interesting. The following obviously contains spoilers from the new entries and major spoilers from the Harry Potter series....

Kingsley Shacklebolt is still Minister for Magic
The dust was barely settled from Voldemort's defeat when Kingsley Shacklebolt was made temporary Minister for Magic, filling the seat vacated by the Imperius-cursed Pius Thicknesse. J.K. Rowling later revealed that Kingsley eventually became the permanent leader of the Ministry of Magic, and the new Pottermore writing "Minister for Magic" confirms that he still holds the seat, having been elected to office. From the new entry, we know that the Minister is obliged to hold an election for their job every seven years. It's been sixteen years since Kingsley took office, so it's fair to say the wizarding community is happy with his performance. And why wouldn't they be? Kingsley Shacklebolt is awesome.

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