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Adorable Alert: See These Dogs Use Sad Eyes To Get Out Of Trouble

It’s really hard to stay mad at a dog. It’s borderline impossible, really. Unless you’re completely fucked in the head mentally or have serious anger issues, all the animal needs to do is flash the sad eyes and maybe let out a little whimper. Then it’s all over. The dog has you exactly where it wants you, happy and with only a vague memory of the tipped over trash you used to be mad about.

The above video is a great reminder of that phenomenon. It was put together by Funny Plox, and it’s basically a compilation of owners confronting their dogs in a good-natured fashion about various messes the animals made prior to the camera turning on. What’s especially interesting is how each of the animals seems to have developed a slightly different coping strategy to maximize cuteness and limit the anger. Some roll over and expose their stomachs. Others slouch a little bit and look up with the big sad look on their faces.

The guilty dogs compilation was first conceived earlier this month by Funny Plox. The original generated more than a million views within just a few short weeks; so, taking a page out of the Hollywood playbook, the creators went back and found some more footage to create Round 2. It too is doing very well thus far, and there’s no reason to think it shouldn’t also generate more than a million views.

To check out the original, you can watch the hilarious video below…

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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