What did you do last night? If you happened to be one of the lucky two hundred who attended the Winter White Gala at Kensington Palace in London, the answer is “witnessed something too bizarre for words”. Jon Bon Jovi, accepting an award for all of his recent humanitarian work with homeless teens, took the stage to perform his all-time classic track “Livin’ On A Prayer”. That’s happened thousands of times before, of course but there was nothing ordinary about the two people who joined him to sing along on stage: Prince William and Taylor Swift.

Yeah, I know. Total WTF moment, right? Luckily, video of the crazy collaboration surfaced almost immediately after the ceremony ended. You can check it out below…

Given how busy everyone involved is, I would be shocked if these three ever found themselves on the same stage again, but in a way, that’s exactly what makes that fascinating, horrible rendition so special. It’s like Zach Braff’s original moment speech in Garden State played out in the flesh. Enjoy it while you can. It’ll never, ever be recreated.

Luckily, now that you’ve seen the oddity that is the video above, there are plenty of other strange collaborations and odd duets we can spend some time revisiting for our collective amusement. From karaoke performances that have spun out of control to charity event sing-a-longs to weird concert encores, celebrities love sharing the stage; so, in honor of those moments, let’s take a look back at 7 of them, starting on the next page.

Elijah Wood And Rza Sing “I Gotta Feeling”
This entire scene is pure chaos. Men are ripping off their shirts and throwing drinks at the audience. Elijah Wood is taking pictures of his friends singing, and the crowd is eating all of it up. No way in hell Rza could get away with something like this at a paid concert, but as a disorganized slice of chaos, it’s a great moment for something like Fantastic Fest. Bonus points to everyone involved for choosing a good large group karaoke song too. You always want something drunk people can scream.

Rob Pattinson And Katy Perry Sing “I’ll Make Love To You”
This video makes the last one look like a professional and well-choreographed ensemble performance. Jesus. R-Patz obviously isn’t used to being on stage because he stops the song to thank the waitress for bringing him his drink. Perry, however, should know better, and yet, she does her duet partner one better by stopping to offer some asides about her chair being too high to make love on. That’s true but is still an issue that can be addressed later.

Lady Gaga And Yoko Ono Sing “It’s Been Very Hard”
Lady Gaga might be a big weirdo, but compared to Yoko Ono, she’s June Cleaver. That really shows in this duet recorded live at the Orpheum Theater too. The Mother Monster bangs away on her piano and does her thing, and Ono rocks out in a bizarre red hat and makes weird shouting noises into the microphone. The combination is jarring for the listener. It completely overwhelms the ears, but judging by crowd reaction, it seems to be going over pretty well.

Paul McCartney And The Surviving Members Of Nirvana Sing “Cut Me Some Slack”
Put together to help the relief effort following Superstorm Sandy, McCartney and the surviving members of Nirvana played together at the 12/12/12 concert and did exactly that. They also inspired an almost uncountable number of Internet argumetns as to whether or not it was okay to “replace” Kurt, even if it was only for one show. Let me go ahead and answer that question once and for all. Yes. Playing a show for charity with one of the greatest musicians in the history of Western Civilization is a hell of a lot different than continuing a beloved band after someone dies.

Gerard Butler, Demi Moore and Michelle Monaghan sing “Mustang Sally”
Let’s be honest. This video is the Gerard Butler show. There might be a lot of beautiful women, including some famous ones, on stage with him, but under his leadership, this rendition goes from what should have been a drunk mess to a cover version that won’t hurt anyone’s ears. Beyond that, his stage presence and the inflection in his voice are also top notch. Hollywood needs to keep his raw talent and sexual energy in mind the next few times they make biopics about middle-aged rockers. He could turn that roll out.

Madonna And Psy sing “Gangnam Style”
During that crazy six month period in which every man, woman and child in the world was seemingly obsessed with “Gangnam Style”, the Korean pop star performed a ton of concerts with many different high end celebrities. A lot of those duets were weirder and more unusual than this one; however, this one works especially well because Madonna is such a seasoned dancer and obviously, all of her supporting players were able to crush the moves and create a fully realized spectacle on stage without much rehearsal time.

Adam Sandler, Jack Black, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien, Dana Carvey and Lou Reed sing “Walk On The Wild Side”
The best thing about this performance is how completely inconsistent the tone is. Good old Lou Reed (RIP) looks like he’s about to inform a defendant he’s been sentenced to death, and everyone else looks like they’re desperately trying to entertain the crowd at a children’s birthday party. In other news, it’s strangely awesome and somehow completely works. They need to put on more variety shows like this.
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