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British Guy Wakes Up From A Coma Convinced He's Matthew McConaughey

Comas are one of the worst conditions humanity could ever expect to endure. A state of inaction that doesn't end at any set interval, or for any set cause - unless medically induced, comas can even effect the patient for a period after they've woken up. Sometimes these comas can unlock parts of our mind that we haven't used in years. Case in point: a British barber woke up from a coma and he could speak fluent French years after he'd even studied the language. Oh, and he also thought he was Matthew McConaughey.

Newser has news that a man named Rory Curtis went into a six day coma in August 2012, only to wake up with his newly found French skills, as well as a belief that he was the man who, at the time, was starring in such films as The Paperboy and Magic Mike. Of course, it threw Curtis for a loop whenever he saw himself in a mirror, as his visage didn't match up to how he saw himself mentally. And we're not talking about that minor disappointment when you don't look as much like George Clooney or Cate Blanchett as you wish; this is some serious mental turmoil.

Away from the mirrors though, Rory Curtis was in the Matthew McConaughey mindset, as he was not only convinced that he was indeed the man behind the oiled abs, but he was also ready to get back to filming movies. Of course, reality and treatment eventually brought Curtis back to his senses, and he became himself again after a months-long struggle. Still, for a brief time, Curtis got to live the dream, and as far as comas go, that's one of the best side effects we've heard about in a long while.

The human mind is so fragile, that a coma can do weird things, like make you think you're Matthew McConaughey. Though it'd be even weirder if Matthew McConaughey woke up from a coma and thought himself to be a “normal person.” To walk around and either not know who you really are, or to think you are someone else, and yet everyone else fawns over you for no apparent reason has to be weirder. Not to mention, some serious paranoia issues could come up as his new found normality would be invaded by the usual trappings of celebrity. Charlie Kaufman, we think we've just come up with your next mind bender of a movie!

Thankfully, Rory Curtis is doing well, and Matthew McConaughey is still his charming self. But if you have to wake up as another person in the morning, you could do worse than McConaughey. Who would you want to wake up as, even if it was just for a day? Leave your answers in the comments below, and don't forget to check out Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar... if you haven't already.

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