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We’re just a few days into the trial, and it’s already clear Sam Lufti and his attorneys are planning to drag Britney Spears’ reputation through the mud. Thus far, the pop star/ X Factor judge has been accused of everything from smoking crystal meth to never getting over her relationship with Justin Timberlake. Humorously, however, the craziest allegation might actually be one Brit Brit’s lawyers flung at Lufti.

According to TMZ, lawyers for the Spears family told the court Lufti was so obsessed with getting in Britney’s good graces that he would manufacture situations to make himself seem like her knight and shining armor. For example: he supposedly would hide her dog until Britney noticed the pet was gone. Once she cried and begged for his help, he’d allegedly swoop in, grab the dog out of its hiding spot and then bring him to her.

For those who don’t remember, Lufti was Britney’s “manager” in the midst of her downfall. He allegedly texted the paparazzi on numerous occasions to tell them when she was going shopping, and according to the Spears family, aided her bad behavior in order to isolate her from those who cared. Eventually, Spears’ father swooped in, filed a restraining order against Lufti, took over his daughter’s affairs, and she’s been a responsible member of society every since.

A lot of people are comfortable saying Lufti wasn’t the best influence on Spears, but not the best influence and dog thief are two totally different things. What do you think? Did he actually hide her dog in order to make himself look like the hero? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Do You Think He'd Really Hide Her Dog?

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