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Britney Spears conquered the music world more than a decade ago, selling almost one hundred million albums and scoring a slew of charting singles. Earlier this year, she took one of the vacant judging spots on the popular television show X Factor, and now, she’s apparently making plans to dominate another medium.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Britney is currently in talks with HarperCollins to write a novel. The proposed work would draw heavily from her own life but would reportedly change details and names and such to be in more of a roman a clef style.

Spears and HarperCollins haven’t yet reached an agreement about what percentage of the profits the pop star might get and how much her advance might total, but one would imagine the two parties would be able to get a deal done that lines both of their pockets. Plus, now that there’s no longer the breach of contract/ defamation trial hanging over her family’s head, the singer’s mental faculties should be cleared up enough to write.

If memoirs are any indication, celebrity status can often move copies of a first book, but in order to make sequels profitable, fans need to actually like the material. Thus, you would expect this impending agreement to be a one-book deal.

Here’s to hoping Spears surprises everyone and shows some true literary promise.

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