Many of the women who attended the Grammys yesterday may have pushed the envelope quite a bit with their daring fashion choices, but apparently, the powers that be over at CBS didn’t think any single outfit crossed the line. They made that clear in a statement released today, putting an end to rumors that the network bigwigs were not too pleased with Kelly Rowland and Katy Perry, among others.

Here’s the brief statement a spokesman for CBS issued to TMZ
"All wardrobe selections passed our standards, if only barely."

Fashion choices at the Grammy Awards always generate plenty of headlines, but it was even more of an issue this year thanks to CBS’ decision to issue a memo to all performers and nominees asking they please tone it down and cover up their boobs and butts. Many stars still decided to bare plenty of cleavage and quite a bit of leg, but since the goal for the network was not to get fined by the FCC, I suppose the lack of nipples and butt cracks was victory enough.

It’ll be interesting to see whether award shows start sending out memos like this in the future, and more importantly, it will be interesting to see whether anyone is actually ever turned away at the door for revealing a little too much. The major networks might like a little controversy here or there, but they’re not exactly fans of alienating Middle America and paying fines.

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