Carrie Underwood Still Loves Big Southern Hairdos

Carrie Underwood isn’t afraid to let her Oklahoma (hair) roots show. The “Good Girl” singer works with a stylist and knows her fashion choices in the past decade have certainly grown up, but she still occasionally likes to rock out with some wild and poofy big hairdos.

The singer grew up in a place where big hair and southern style was the norm. As she grew up, her look naturally went in the direction dominated by the bold and sparkly southern women in her life. In the time since she landed a spot in the American Idol cast, she has certainly refined her look and style; however, the singer recently told People she still hasn’t managed to drop the big hair look, yet.

““I mean for me, it was all about country women. They like sparkles, they like big hair and they wear big hair. That was gorgeous to me and it still is.”

Underwood also has a lot of empathy for people who get poked at for their outfit or hair choices. She works with a stylist to maintain her polished look, but with that penchant for big hair, she knows what it means to go overboard, and she understands the hurt that critics can dole out.

“I always feel bad for people in magazines and on TV, where people [criticize] their look a little bit, because they walked out of their house feeling beautiful, and that’s the most important thing. So I really just try to wear what I love, and try not to think about who might or might not like it afterward.”

It seems to be working. The petite blonde looks great in her Blown Away promotional fodder, and recent music videos. She looks like she’s ready to conquer the world—and make it a place where big hair is welcomed.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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