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Casey Anthony Is Broke, Owes Almost $800,000

Casey Anthony might have her physical freedom, but when it comes to finances, she’s not exactly full of options. The twenty-six-year-old filed for bankruptcy in Florida earlier this week, citing almost eight hundred thousand dollars in debts to more than seventy-five separate creditors, the most expensive of which is her own attorney Jose Baez.

According to TMZ, Anthony still owes Baez $500,000. Beyond that, $145,660 is owed to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and another $68,540 has to go the IRS. It’s likely the court will be able to work out some kind of agreement with Baez and even the OC Sheriff’s Office, but she’ll still wind up paying the IRS the total owed in full no matter how this bankruptcy filing goes.

Most people thought Anthony would wind up in prison for allegedly murdering her daughter. She was acquitted, but almost all of this debt is money she spent on trying to defend herself. Between investigators, expert witnesses, her own attorney and court fees, it cost an arm and a leg to keep her freedom, and given the notoriety that came with the case, she hasn’t been able to work in years and for awhile was even in hiding.

None of us know exactly what happened that led to the death of Anthony’s two-year-old daughter, but considering there’s nothing that can bring her back, hopefully her mom can get her shit together and become a productive member of society.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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