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Remember that footage Justin Bieber’s lawyers didn’t want released of the pop star inside the jail? Well, some of it was made public this week by prosecutors, and it kinda sorta paints the picture of an arrestee who is a little drunk-ish, maybe.

That’s the problem. As you can see in the above video, Bieber tries to walk the straight line for two minutes or so, and while he doesn’t do a great job, he’s not falling over and randomly vomiting. In short, he’s walking like a coordinated tipsy person or like an uncoordinated sober person, and that may not be enough to finally convict Bieber for one of his shenanigans, though if the latest whispers are to be believed, there may be plenty more where that came from on the horizon.

The Biebs recently moved to Atlanta. In theory, the change was supposed to afford him a little bit more privacy and a break from the craziness of Los Angeles (and the problems with his neighbors), but according to TMZ, it has also robbed the singer of his normal routine and many of the good influences around him. As a result, he’s allegedly smoking more weed and drinking more sizzurp than ever, though he’s obviously not talking about that supposed problem on the record.

A lot of the problems Bieber has had thus far can be easily laughed off. No one is going to jail for an extended period of time for egging a house or acting like a douche bag in his car, but we seem to be only a few steps away from a the Leif Garrett path. And I don’t think anyone wants to see that.

We’ll keep you updated.

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