Check Out Photos Of Donald Faison And CaCee Cobb's Wedding

Scrubs’ Donald Faison tied the knot last night, marrying CaCee Cobb, the friend and former personal assistant of Jessica Simpson. The marriage was performed in Los Angeles at Faison’s buddy Zach Braff’s home, with a party occurring afterward. Both Cobb and Faison have some pretty famous friends, and plenty of their partygoers, including Braff and Simpson, were in attendance.

Early this morning, Simpson tweeted a few details about the wedding, including the fact that she had had the honor of being a bridesmaid. Simpson wore a classic black dress and carried a bouquet of red flowers and, according to People, her famous sister, Ashlee Simpson, was in attendance, as well.

Simpson wasn’t the only celebrity tweeting up a storm. Additionally, Braff got into the action, using Twitter to show fans a picture of the happy couple, which was quite selfless, really. In the wedding, the groom and groomsmen wore professional black and the bride opted for a pretty—and extremely fluffy--gown. Faison and Cobbs dated for six years before getting engaged, and spent more than a year putting together a big celebration. From the looks of things, the wedding turned out just as nicely as it was planned.

Jessica Rawden
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