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Hey, remember when Ellen DeGeneres passed out pizza at the Academy Awards tonight? We saw slices of the pies being passed around to different celebrities, but the action cut away before we got to see all the celebrities actually chowing down. Would they be worried about spilling on their dresses? Would they be worried about chowing down in front of others? Was it all just a joke? Was the pizza actually fake?

Thanks to Twitter, we now know the answer is no, a resounding no, in fact. From Channing Tatum to Brad Pitt to Dax Shepard, pretty much everyone seems to have put aside their fears and worries over calories and just indulged, which is really endearing and kind of awesome. It's nice to think of celebrities as ordinary people who do things like eat free pizza because, who the hell turns down free pizza? No one I would ever want to hang out with.

You can check out quite a few of the pictures below…

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