Chris Brown's Dad Worries His Son's Relationship With Rihanna Might End In Tragedy

Over the years, so many celebrities, fans and critics have condemned Chris Brown and Rihanna’s on-again-off-again relationship that another one doing it normally wouldn’t be news, but considering the latest person to fire some warning shots is Brown’s own father, the words are attracting quite a bit of attention. Apparently, Clinton Brown, who split from Brown’s mother more than fifteen years ago but remains a part of the singer’s life, doesn’t understand why the two got back together and is extremely worried the romance will end in tragedy.

Here’s a portion of what Clinton told New York Daily News

“You have to have a balance in a relationship. You have to have someone who is spontaneous and whimsical but you also have to have someone who is grounded and logical.”

Clinton says Rihanna has been nothing but sweet whenever they’ve met or interacted, but based on her behavior, it’s clear she’s a life of the party type, spontaneous and whimsical girl. Chris obviously enjoys the nightlife too, which is why he seems them as far too similar. That's why when they get together, there's a tendency for explosive fights. As for who he would like his son to be with instead, Clinton isn’t extremely picky, but he apparently was a huge fan of Jordin Sparks, who he always considered “wholesome”.

Brown and Rihanna’s numerous personal problems have been very well documented. The reasons to be skeptical or worrisome about them being together are numerous. That being said, since they are together, we all might as well root for the best. Just because a relationship has the potential to end in tragedy doesn’t mean it will end in tragedy. Fingers crossed that’s the case for these two.

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