Rihanna Blows Off Chris Brown, Is She Finally Over Him?

Last weekend, Chris Brown and Rihanna spent time together at the Grammys in full view of the cameras, and the on-again couple seemed to be getting along great. They were affectionate, talked almost constantly and left together at the end of the night. This week, however, has been another matter entirely, and it’s leading many to wonder if the two actually brought their once again budding romance to an end.

According to The Daily Mail, Brown and Rihanna both attended Popular Demand’s one-year anniversary party on Wednesday night. They arrived separately, and when Rihanna was asked if she wanted to sit by Brown, she reportedly told the host no. In fact, sources close to the situation say she and Brown had no idea they were both going to the party and stayed on completely opposite sides of the room during the entire evening.

Any couple can fight for a single night, but apparently, Rihanna and Brown spent Valentine’s Day apart too, which is typically a horrible sign. More often than not, even couples who aren’t getting along try to make it work on Valentine’s Day. These two, however, got up to completely separate activities.

All the recent hoopla has led some to wonder whether this is finally what Rihanna needed to get over Brown once and for all. Between the fights, the sordid history, the rumors Brown might be hanging out with his ex-girlfriend, his alleged lack of community service participation and whatever behind the scenes argument just happened, she may have finally decided enough was enough. Then again, these two have gone through plenty of ups and down before and have always worked it out.

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