Cory Monteith Overdosed On Lethal Combination Of Heroin And Booze

The coroner’s report is back concerning Cory Monteith’s death, and sadly, the cause of death confirms many people’s suspicions. The Glee star died from a combination drug and alcohol overdose, though it’s still unclear whether it happened from a single dip back into his old habits or an extended pattern of abuse.

According to TMZ, the overdose drug in question was heroin. The authorities won’t say whether some of it was actually found inside the room, but they have admitted they found evidence at the scene that indicated a drug overdose was likely. That could mean needles. That could mean more drugs. That could mean needle marks on the body. That could mean a suspicious baggie. We really don’t know, and if the authorities aren’t being forthcoming now, it’s unlikely we’ll ever know those details.

For Monteith, addiction was a near lifelong battle. He reportedly started partaking in illegal substances at the age of thirteen and checked into rehab for the first time at nineteen. Earlier this year, he headed back again in an effort to get help, even missing the final two episodes of the season. Following his stay, it was initially thought he was making forward progress, but clearly, those same old demons and impulses never left. He was just thirty-one when he passed, leaving behind his girlfriend/ famous Glee co-star Lea Michele, numerous family members and an army of fans and supporters.

Losing someone of promise at such a young age is always a tragedy. It naturally prompts questions of “what if?”, but at this point, all that can be done is to try and learn something from Monteith’s mistakes. He had all the talent in the world, and he brought a lot of smiles to a lot of faces. In the end, however, those joys apparently weren’t enough for him to find true peace and contentment.

In the coming days, we will likely get some more information about the timeline immediately prior to Monteith’s overdose. We may even be told exactly how much drugs and alcohol were in the actor’s system. When those details become available, we will definitely bring them to you. Until then, here’s to hoping the writers of Glee are able to figure out the perfect way to honor Monteith and his character Finn in the coming season.

You can check out a highlight video of some of Monteith’s classic covers below…

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