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We still don’t know the exact cause of Cory Monteith’s tragic death over the weekend, but it now seems very likely we’ll get the official results a whole lot sooner than many initially imagined. The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority announced today that the Glee star’s autopsy will be pushed up to this afternoon. It will be conducted by a full medical team, and depending on what is discovered, any subsequent tests could be bumped to the top of the food chain at the lab.

According to The New York Daily News, the priority status is more about Monteith’s age and the lack of obvious cause of death than anything else. If toxicology reports are needed, they could be back within just a few short days, as opposed to the month or longer it typically takes for such information to come back from the lab. Exactly what those results might show, however, is very much still an undecided question.

Monteith had more than his share of problems with drugs and alcohol over the course of his life. The thirty-one-year-old reportedly started indulging in illegal activities at the tender age of thirteen, and he was in rehab when he was nineteen. Recently, he went to get treatment again, but the general consensus was this time it may have actually worked. He seemed happy and healthy to the outside world, and many close to him reportedly thought the same thing. Interviews are currently being conducted with friends, family members and those who saw him last, however, to see if a relapse/ overdose could potentially have caused his undoing.

A complete timeline of Cory’s final hours still hasn’t been made public, but we do have enough information to piece together roughly what happened. The actor checked into the Fairmont on July 6th, and he missed his checkout time on July 13th. After employees entered the room to see what happened, his body was discovered. He’d been dead for a matter of hours, though it’s unclear exactly how many. He reportedly went out with friends the night before and security footage shows him returning to his hotel room early the morning of his passing, but once he gets inside the room, it’s obviously a big mystery.

Regardless of what these impending autopsy results might show us, Monteith was a talented actor and by all accounts, a pretty good guy. He had so much left to give, and Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to his entire family, his friends and all those touched by his all-too-brief life.

We’ll keep you updated as more evidence emerges.

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