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Comic book writer Frank Miller may have almost 60,000 followers, but he isn’t the most active Twitter user in the world. In fact, before today, he hadn’t tweeted anything since back in October of 2011. But when he took to the social media platform, he certainly made it count, revealing the he’s writing a new Dark Knight series that comes out later this year. Check it out for yourself.

Titled DK III: The Master Race, this will be the third in Miller’s massively influential run for DC's Batman. Set in a dystopian near future, Miller’s Dark Knight comics give readers a Caped Crusader who is older, more grizzled, and coming closer and closer to the end of his days fighting crime. Actually, when the first installment, 1986’s The Dark Knight Returns begins, Bruce Wayne, now 55-years-old, has been out of the game for ten years. But a rising tidal wave of crime sweeping Gotham gets him to put on his iconic cowl once more and face off against a new generation of threats, as well as a newly awoken Joker, who had been catatonic in Arkham Asylum.

The four-part series was a huge success, helping to usher in a new, more adult-friendly surge of comics to follow, as well as pushing Batman into increasingly dark territory content wise and thematically. He also goes toe to toe with Superman in a manner that looks very similar to what we’ve seen thus far from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, especially Batman’s armored get up.

When the follow-up arrived in the form of 2001’s miniseries The Dark Knight Strikes Again, it wasn’t nearly as successful, critically or from a sales standpoint. Since then, Frank Miller has been more focused on his Sin City comics and film work, though he did dabble in the Batman pool again with a short run, All Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder, which was well received, but had, lets just call it a sporadic publishing schedule.

Right now there aren’t many more details available for DK III: The Master Race, which is an ominous title to be sure. According to Miller’s tweet, the new title will hit the shelves of your local comic book retailer this fall, so we may hear more before then, but at the moment there’s nothing more specific than that.

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