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Earlier today, Duchess Catherine made an appearance at the National Fishing Heritage Center in Lincolnshire. During her visit, she interacted with quite a few of the 2,000 plus admirers who braved the cold and the freezing fog to catch a glimpse of the pregnant royal. In theory, the appearance was supposed to be pretty low key, but if some who were there are to be believed, Kate may have mistakenly given away the sex of her baby.

According to The Telegraph, the alleged slip of the tongue occurred when a middle-aged woman gave Kate a white teddy bear. The duchess reportedly responded by saying, “Thank you. I’ll take that for my d…” before abruptly cutting herself off. When pressed by those in the crowd as to whether she was about to say “daughter”, the Duchess of Cambridge reportedly said she and Prince William were going to kept the identity a secret.

On the one hand, little slips of the tongue like this are a great way to find out the sex of a baby from parents who are trying to maintain secrecy. It’s really hard to not use gender-defining pronouns when you already know the identity. On the other hand, it’s entirely possible those at the scene picked up on one syllable that sounded like a “d” and immediately jumped to a crazy conclusion.

What do you think? Did Kate actually give away the sex of her baby today, or are we all just blowing this out of proportion? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Did Kate Give Away The Sex Of Her Baby?

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