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Earlier this year, twenty-eight-year-old Starkeema Greenidge went to a Rihanna concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. While there, she allegedly walked by a make-up testing counter set up by Mac Cosmetics and decided to give RiRi’s newest lipstick a whirl. Not long after, she was diagnosed with herpes, and now, the question is where she got it from.

If the woman herself is to be believed, she got the herpes from another woman who tried the lipstick before her, and consequently, she thinks the lion’s share of the blame should fall on the shoulders of Mac Cosmetics. The company employs the make-up representative who allegedly failed to sanitize the lipstick after the last customer, and according to CBS, Greenidge thinks her employers should pay for that mistake, especially since the resulting outbreak of herpes simplex Greenidge caused her to miss two weeks worth of work.

The above scenario is possible from a scientific standpoint, but as to whether it actually happened is another question entirely. Greenidge has not offered any real evidence that the transfer happened at the Rihanna concert. She could have contracted it from another source, and besides, it’s not like people don’t regularly file wild lawsuits in an effort to generate returns. Plus, who wants to own up to the real reason they got herpes?

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