Donnie Wahlberg Fails At Math And Politics In One Idiotic Tweet

Donnie Wahlberg means well. He really, really does. Unfortunately, he’s not exactly going to be solving P versus NP anytime soon. In fact, he’s probably not going to be solving his own taxes or even complicated division problems anytime soon because he’s really, really bad at math. Like epically bad at math.

This afternoon, the Blue Bloods actor decided to stop off on Twitter to make some comments about the ongoing problems with the Obamacare website, and in short, every single thing about his tweet was aggressively inaccurate, regardless of what side of the political aisle it’s viewed from.

Here’s a screenshot…

Yup. In case if you’re also bad at math, let me break it down for you. Six hundred million divided by three hundred million is two. It’s not two hundred. It’s not two thousand, and it certainly isn’t two million, a fact Wahlberg quickly realized when damn near the entire Internet bombarded him with mean-spirited and mocking responses.

Not surprisingly, Wahlberg eventually thought better of the entire conversation and simply deleted all of the tweets in question, but we were able to grab the screenshots prior to that decision. Considering some other outlets did as well, that likely means his litany of mistakes will be laughed about for at least a few more days by more than just his Twitter followers.

As for the claims at the heart of his complaint, those are inaccurate as well. The government’s health care website, which has been an absolute disaster, cost a stupid amount of money to build, but it was likely more in the one hundred million or so range. The number of total taxpayers is also way too high, though you probably won’t get anyone to agree on how many adults actually do.

Fortunately, Wahlberg seems to be laughing off his mistake pretty well, but something tells me his equally outspoken brother will probably still give him shit for it at Thanksgiving.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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