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Troubled actor Edward Furlong was arrested yet again this week after the latest in a long series of domestic altercations with his girlfriend. Details are still a little fuzzy on exactly what happened, but apparently, police officers were called to the couple’s apartment at around 5:45 AM on Monday morning. After interviewing all involved, they handcuffed Furlong, hauled him to jail and charged him with shoving his significant other.

According to E! Online, the Terminator 2 star is still in jail and is expected to remain there until his court date tomorrow. You can take a look at his mug shot below…

Once upon a time, Furlong was an extremely promising young actor. He starred in films like Detroit Rock City, American History X and Pecker, but somewhere along the line, his promise got overshadowed by an absolute mountain of personal problems. From rumors of drug abuse to allegations of being robbed on skid row to domestic disturbances like the ones above, he’s been in the paper for all the wrong reasons lately, and the longer it goes on, the more difficult it will become for him to make a full-on comeback at some point in the future.

With Furlong’s long history of brushes with the law, it’s entirely possible the judge will throw the book at him in this case and make him serve real jail time. We’ll keep you updated as the case winds its way through the court system.

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