Edward Furlong Claims He Was Robbed On Skid Row

Edward Furlong was reportedly robbed this morning. The actor told police he was asking someone for directions on 6th, better known as Skid Row, in Los Angeles when the not so good Samaritan demanded his wallet. Furlong supposedly consented and then found an officer to report the crime to.

Of course, for anyone familiar with Los Angeles, this should raise a lot more questions than answers. Skid Row is a bigger hellhole than that pit in The Dark Knight Rises. It houses thousands of homeless people, drug dealers and miscreants of all sorts. Most LA residents don’t even like driving their car down 6th. The thought that someone familiar with the city would willingly wander around asking for directions is far-fetched.

Furlong, like his fellow Terminator star Nick Stahl who went missing for awhile on Skid Row, has a history of substance abuse problems. He was widely considered to be a rising star in Hollywood during his younger years, but thanks to his personal problems, he’s fallen on hard times. You’d like to think his presence on Skid Row wasn’t a sign of some bigger problems, but at best, it’s a sign of terrible decision making.

It’s unlikely Furlong will have any interest in addressing this matter publically. In fact, it likely never would have come up had TMZ not snagged pictures of the incident, but if he decides to talk about what happened, we’ll be sure to let you know the reasons he gives for being there.

Mack Rawden
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