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You may have seen an intensely bizarre Gif image making the rounds that shows Emma Watson talking and then eventually peeling away her face (and chest) to reveal herself to be Sofia Vergara in disguise. But where did this image originate? It looks like we now have our answer, as some videos offer a bit of explanation (and it isn't that Emma Watson has really been Sofia Vergara all along). But first, if you haven't seen it, here's the Gif. Go ahead and watch it over and over again. It gets weirder with each loop...

Watson Vergara gif

Via Gawker, Daily Dot dug up this soundless video, which appears be the origin of the Gif:

That video went up about a month ago, and it looks like someone turned it into a Gif, which has since begun to make its way around the internet, though the video itself only has about 200k views so far.

The creator of that video credits this video, which is a demonstration of silicone masks with attached breasts. (Video contains fake nudity -- meaning the breasts attached to the mask are a bit more anatomically correct):

So it seems curveballbe managed to edit Watson and Vergara's faces onto footage from the above video, impressively, as the transition is -- to the casual viewer anyway -- pretty seamless. I'd kind of like to see the original video footage for both actors to get a better idea of how they patched this all together.

And until I see Emma Watson and Sofia Vergara in the same room together, there's always going to be some part of me that wonders if they're really the same person.

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