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Erykah Badu's Malaysian Concert Canceled Thanks To Controversial Tattoo

Tattoos are the sort of body art that can generally cause controversy between certain factions of people. The controversy often has something to do with a crass or obscene picture on a person’s body, but sometimes a symbol of some sort can be the culprit. Such is the case for singer Erykah Badu, whose temporary tattoo symbolizing “Allah” has caused some trouble in Malaysia.

The “Bag Lady” singer was schedule to appear in Kuala Lumpur for a concert on February 28, but the scheduled appearance has been canceled, thanks to the Malaysian government finding a photo of a controversial "Allah" image featured on Badu. According to Fox News, the Malaysian newspaper, The Star, first published the offending photo without realizing the ramifications. A similar photo, without the incriminating symbols, was used for the promotional posters.

Badu is already in Kuala Lumpur for the concert, but it looks like she will just have to sit this one out. While the newspaper reprint was completely out of Badu’s hands, even creating a photo with the word “Allah” tattooed on her in Arabic was probably not the best call, even if the tattoo was only temporary. I’m uncertain why she and promoters did not drop the particular photo being used for advertising weeks ago. Someone in her crew obviously knew that an “Allah” was not kosher in a culture that is predominantly Muslim. That's why the symbols located in the left and right circles nearest Badu’s shoulders were removed. You can check out the picture courtesy of Pitchfork, below.

The Star has since apologized, but this really seems like the type of situation a public apology might go a long way to fix on Badu's part, as well.