Over the past few weeks, Selena Gomez has dealt with a crumbling relationship in front of the media’s prying eyes. If anyone can understand exactly what that feels like, it’s Taylor Swift. She recently split from Conor Kennedy after a whirlwind summer romance, and thus, proved to be the perfect dinner partner during an evening out in Los Angeles on Saturday.

According to People, the two hit up Osteria La Buca last night and had a splendid time. Witnesses claim they laughed up a storm and maintained lively conversation throughout the evening. Exactly how much boys came up is unclear, but whether they provided discussion material or not, it was clearly beneficial for the women to have an evening to giggle and cut loose.

Rumors are still flying about a mystery woman that may have come between Bieber and Gomez. She reportedly broke up with the pop star over the scandal, but they’ve been hanging out, making up, arguing and fighting ever since. Maybe they’ll get back together, or maybe they won’t. Regardless, it’s good for Gomez to know her happiness isn’t pinioned on whether or not she and Bieber are together. At twenty, it’s just as important for her to build long-term friendships right now.

Here’s to hoping she and Taylor are able to make each other smile for years to come.

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