Geeks Rejoice: Fully Retractable Wolverine Claws Exist

Some moments in life are greater than others. The day you get married. That dream job opportunity. The day you construct retractable adamantium claws in your garage...oh, you never did that? This guy did, and let me tell you, this video makes it look as though we are experiencing his finest hour. Who can blame him though? I WANT WOLVERINE CLAWS TOO!

Youtube user Colinfurze is geeking out on a level of over 9,000 and with good reason, because he just successfully created the first fully-automatic Wolverine claws known to man. If you couldn’t tell from the video, he is more than a little pumped about this tremendous achievement. The rules of safety and caution don’t apply here. If you got the claws, you run around the room like you can’t cause a catastrophe…

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Seriously, those things aren’t safe when you don’t have a mutant healing factor. I keep imagining if I had those claws I’d want to show them off to everybody at conventions and, knowing my luck, I’d be trying to show off and end up goring some Otaku kid in a Naruto costume. After watching those puppies slice through a watermelon like it’s nothing, I’d wager it could shred a fair amount of human flesh if mishandled. Then again, if you’re a guy with Wolverine claws, people stay outta yer way...bub.

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The Wolverine claws are awesome and all, but can we address the elephant in the room here?

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Why is there a blow up doll of Mystique in this video? I realize Jennifer Lawrence is looking good in some blue paint, but damn. For real, dude, you just made me do a Google search hoping to find some weird X-Men: Days of Future Past promotional product, but I came up dry. (Pun intended.) That means this thing is homemade, which on one hand has me somewhat amazed by this guy's dedication to X-Men, and on the other makes me wonder if he may be taking things a bit too far. Tell ya what, if you make a set of working Cyclops goggles, I’ll look the other way, even if your next blow up doll is Professor Xavier...I’ll show myself out.

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