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Ivanka Trump And Jared Kusher Welcome Baby Joseph Frederick

On Monday, Celebrity Apprentice’s Ivanka Trump and her husband, publicist Jared Kushner, had a baby boy. The couple laid low for a few hours before taking the Internet by storm on Tuesday, announcing the baby’s name as well as dropping the above photo from the hospital, in which Trump looks tired but as gorgeous as usual.

When Trump initially announced her second pregnancy last spring, we weren’t sure whether or not she would be having a little boy or girl. The couple already has a two-year-old daughter named Arabella and this time they rounded out the family with a little boy they decided to name Joseph Frederick Kushner. Here’s the big Tweet that accompanied the announcement.

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The celebrity personality, fashionista and businesswoman also put together a Tumblr post celebrating the birth of her child, who was born at 9:54 p.m. on Monday. She also spent some time explaining why she and Kushner opted to name her child Joseph Frederick. Apparently, the new kid on the block has been named after his two great- grandfathers. Joseph comes from Kushner’s Grandpa, a man with an “indomitable spirit” and a great “sense of family.” Frederick comes from Trump’s grandfather, a man who built “tens of thousands of homes” during his lifetime. Both men made memorable impressions on their grandchildren and Trump and Kushner have chosen to honor their grandfathers in an indelible way.

Trump also described she and her husband’s feelings about the baby in the post.

“We are honored to name our son after these two distinguished men. We feel so blessed with the newest member of the family!"

The little family should have their work cut out for them with a new baby in the coming weeks. Pop Blend would like to wish the couple the best of luck as they deal with diapers, swaddling, and getting the baby to sleep over the first several weeks.

Photo Credit: Ivanka Trump

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