Jennifer Aniston Hasn’t Become A Nudist, Is Raising Chickens

Jennifer Aniston and her fiancé Justin Theroux have been tabloid fixtures since the moment they first came out as a couple. As such, there’s been an incredible number of reports written about the duo over the past few years. Some have proven to be extremely accurate (they are engaged) and some haven’t exactly been on the up and up. As for whether or not they’ve decided to take up nudism, that recent headline can be tossed into the not so true pile.

Speaking during an interview on Chelsea Lately, the actress categorically denied there’s any new age, clothes free shenanigans going on. Here’s a portion of her exact quote, as per New York Daily News

"No, we don't walk around nude. I mean, we do when it's appropriate. He's comfortable enough in his skin. But no, that's not true. This is absolute B.S. … What are we like, collecting eggs naked and walking around the lawns naked?"

The egg collecting Aniston is referring to is a portion of a rumor that’s actually true. The house she and her future husband bought came with a coop of chickens, and rather than get rid of them like hapless urban hippies, these two decided to actually put in the work needed to raise the creatures. So far, they’ve been doing pretty well, but there has been one humorous downside for the couple’s friends.

"We have so many eggs. … People are getting so sick of getting eggs. It's like, 'Here, we didn't bring wine, we brought a carton of eggs.'"

Aniston might not always make the greatest movies, but there’s a certain charm about her that’s always likeable. She comes across very well in interviews, and she seems like the type of girl you’d want to root for, which is probably why so many people turned on Angelina when Brad Pitt bailed on his marriage with Jennifer. Hopefully, whenever she and Justin decide to walk down the aisle, the rest of their lives will go a little more smoothly and be filled with a little less drama drama.

For fans of Chelsea Lately, next week will be particularly exciting in a possible trainwreck type way. Host Chelsea Handler is taking some time off, and Lindsay Lohan will guest host on August 5. For the sake of her comeback, I truly hope it goes well, but there’s no way to know for sure until she actually sits in front of the camera and starts firing questions.

We’ll keep you updated on both Aniston’s chickens and Lohan’s guest hosting stint.

Mack Rawden
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